Instructions for Use of Homeopathic Remedies

bottles2Instructions for Use of Pellet Remedies

Certain environmental factors may prevent or hinder the action of homeopathic remedies. Please read the following instructions carefully.


Taking the remedy:

  1. AVOID TOUCHING THE REMEDY.  Make sure that your hands are free of strong odors.  Pour pellets into cap then into your mouth or shake directly into your mouth or into a metal spoon.  Let the dose dissolve on or under your tongue for a short time before swallowing.
  2. THE MOUTH SHOULD BE SUBSTANCE FREE.  The mouth should be free from food, liquid, gum, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. for 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after taking the remedy.  In acute situations, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water if it is not possible to adhere to this time frame.
  3. PROTECT THE REMEDY.  Direct sunlight, heat over 110 degrees (such as in a car in summer), and strong odors will often destroy a remedy before you even take it. Avoid applying strong perfume/cologne or essential oils at the same time you take a remedy dose.
  4. DISCARD SPILLED OR TRANSFERRED REMEDY.  If, by accident, some remedy should spill from its container, do not return it to the container.  Discard it.  Do not transfer the remedy to other containers or bottles that contained other substances.  Do not reuse the containers when they are empty as they may still carry properties of the remedy.


  1. CAMPHOR: Skin or mucous membrane application of camphor or menthol may antidote remedies. Avoid anything that has significant amounts of camphor, such as deep-heat rubs, liniments, Vicks, Ben Gay, Tiger Balm, Noxzema, Carmex, Blistex, Sea Breeze, some massage compounds, some Chinese candies, most cough lozenges, moth balls, etc.  Generally, the mere smelling of camphor is not enough to antidote a remedy.  Mint-flavored products such as toothpaste, gum, and soap can be used, unless your practitioner specifically tells you to avoid them. It may be best to avoid peppermint-flavored Altoids.
  2. COFFEE: Coffee (regular or decaffeinated) may antidote homeopathic remedies. It’s best to limit coffee to 1-2 cups per day or less. Coffee flavored foods and drinks (kahlua, coffee ice cream, coffee yogurt, etc.) and black tea, herb teas, Coca Cola and other caffeine containing substances generally will not antidote unless you are specifically sensitive to them.
  3. ANYTHING TO WHICH YOU ARE PARTICULARLY SENSITIVE: Avoid any food, chemical, or substance which you know causes severe reactions in your particular system – e.g., hives or skin eruptions after certain food; odors which make you feel faint; things which specifically cause asthma, etc. Moderate use of alcohol, tobacco, or recreational drugs does not generally interfere, as long as there is no special sensitivity (i.e., no strong reaction from a single sip or puff). However, marijuana may antidote certain remedies.
  4. ELECTRIC BLANKETS, WATERBED HEATERS, MATTRESS PADS, AND HEATING PADS: You may use them to heat up your bed but do not sleep under or on them while they are turned on.
  5. ROUTINE DENTAL WORK: Cleaning of the teeth does not cause problems.  However, the actual drilling, and perhaps the chemicals used in dental work, may antidote homeopathic remedies.  Please consult your practitioner before you have any dental work other than simple tooth cleaning.
  6. ALLOPATHIC DRUGS: Allopathic drugs are designed to remove specific symptoms without much regard to the person as a whole.  This approach often leads to suppression of the symptoms and antidoting of the homeopathic remedy.  Please tell your practitioner about all drugs, strong herbs, diet pills, birth control pills, etc. that you are taking.  Under no circumstances should you stop strong allopathic drugs without first consulting your physician and informing your homeopathic practitioner.  An occasional Tylenol, Advil, or aspirin will not cause a problem.
  7. SKIN MEDICINES: It is not uncommon for homeopathic remedies to temporarily bring back old skin symptoms.  Please do not use locally applied medicine of any kind without first talking to your practitioner. This is especially true of topical steroids/cortisone.

Instructions for Use of LM Remedies

bra1dxYou need:

Stock solution (dropper bottle)
Distilled water
Measuring cup or pitcher
Glass (made of glass not plastic) or lidded glass jar
Metal spoon
Phone book or other thick soft covered book
½ teaspoon measuring spoon or measured oral syringe


 Your mouth should be free of food and liquids for about 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after taking the remedy.

  1. Measure 4 ounces (1/2 cup) of distilled water into glass.
  2. Remove dropper and squeeze contents into bottle to empty dropper fully. Re-close bottle.
  3. STRIKE THE DROPPER BOTTLE. Hold the closed upright bottle firmly and strike it against a thick telephone book or similar surface 10 times.
  4. TRANSFER ____ DROPS OF STOCK SOLUTION. With the dropper top, drop  ____ drops into the measured glass of distilled water.
  5. STIR THE DILUTED SOLUTION. Vigorously stir the diluted solution you have just made in the glass for 15 seconds with a metal spoon.
  6. TAKE YOUR DOSE IMMEDIATELY AFTER STIRRING IT. Usually the dose is ½ teaspoon (2.5 cc) of the diluted solution you have prepared. If possible, hold and slosh the dose in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing.
  7. Discard remainder of diluted solution you have prepared if not using again that day. (If remedy taken more than once in one day, save remaining diluted solution in glass jar with lid. Do not refrigerate, and stir vigorously before using again. Discard remainder after last dose of day.)